2014 Reading Goals

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My goals, or personal challenges for 2014


1. Re-read (or read) 3 Jean Plaidy Historical Fiction Novels

2. Start one new graphic novel series The Hedge Knight, Game of Thrones Graphic Novel (Link to Booklikes)

3. Complete or Catch up on a graphic novel series

4. Read 1 book outside of comfort zone

5. Review 20 children’s picture books:

                       1. The Mermaid Shoe

                       2. The Most Magnificent Thing

6. Read 2 biographies

7. Read 2 archived, past due Netgalley books

8. Re-Read One Haruki Murakami book

9. Read one short story Haruki Murakami collection

10. Read new Haruki Murakami book (to be released in English in 2014)

11. Read new George R.R. Martin book (hopefully to be released in 2014)

12. Read new Marie Brennan Book re dragons to be published March 2014

13. Read new Pearls Before Swine Treasury

14. Re-Read Saga Volumes 1 and 2 on Kindle

15. Assuming there’s a vol 3 this year, Vol 3 of Saga

16. Fables Vol 20

17. Actually read one of Amazon Prime Free bees

18. Read Laini Taylor’s new Angels Book

19. Re0read one book off of my to- re-read shelf

20. Read new Merry Gentry- Linda K. Hamilton book

21. Read one M-M book

22. Finish Look and Learn Series

23. Read one physical book (aka not on Kindle)

24. End of Year (2014) Roundups:

Fiction Favorites

Negalley Favorite

Graphic Novel Favorite

Children’s book favorites

Fantasy Favorite

25. 2015 Goals

26.  Get my review rate to over 80% on netgalley

27. Re-Read and Re review Courtney Crumrin Graphic Novels

28. Start Re-Read of Melanie Rawn Dragon Prince/Dragon Star trilogys


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