Cats! Look and Learn

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Cats! Look and Learn

2 Stars, BOMBED


Just to start off, I have 3 cats (Itchy, Scratchy and Merlyn). So pretty much I’m expecting this book to tell me absolutely nothing new.  But I decided to review this one today as I was looking though my list of look and learns and a cat was meowing in the background. So heck, I figured time to review this one.


Did one of the pictures really have to be a cat chowing down on a mouse? No blood and not gory but I really didn’t want to see that. One statement in this was: “Black cats are said to bring bad luck.” Really? I thought this was supposed to be a factual book. I think a better way of saying that could have been found so it wasn’t believable. Under WTF: One picture of a cat is digitally altered to look like they have these massive cartoon eyes. Again I say, WTF???!!!! Sigh. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. They talk about popular cartoon cat Garfield almost like he is real. *shaking my head*


The pictures weren’t too pixalated but including digitally altered of pictures really made me go WTF? While this isn’t as bad as the Moose one (which pissed me off by showing a murdered Moose) this does rank pretty damned low. Oy. I could have written something better.

Did you know?


There are over 5 million domestic cats in the world

Cats sleep an average of 13-14 hours a day

A cats tongue is very sharp because of many little burs used for grooming their fur

There are over 100 breeds of cats in the world


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