The Moon! Look and Learn

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The Moon! Look and Learn

2 Stars, Don’t Bother

And now for something totally different… A Look and Learn that is not about an animal. I’m slowly running out of the animal ones but I do have a few non animal ones that looked a little interesting.

Oy. These are meant for kids? Then don’t talk about the diameter and density of earth and how it relates to mass. Good grief people. Pictures better than some of previous ones, but one image was exceptionally bad.  The facts in this book were pretty darned boring and they made me less interested in learning about the moon. Yeah, that is never a good thing in a book. There is no way this book would lead to kids wanting to learn more as the terminology was really hard (for kids that is). I would not recommend this one.


Did you know?


The moon is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system.

The moon has a solid iron-rich inner core

The moon’s surface has about the same area as the continent of Africa


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