Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3: Steam Minted Meringue

Sep 10, 2014 by

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3: Steam Minted Meringue

Overall 4.5 Stars

Star Rating Art:  5 Stars

Star Rating Story:4 Stars


Kickstarter, digital copy (print copy coming later)
Absolutely beautiful comic. The art is just stunning. However I have a few minor complaints. The biggest one being I’m really bloody confused as to what is going on.  I find it hard to follow. I know from descriptions that the main character is being haunted so I can only assume she is having these weird hallucinations?!   Not sure, but I do love, love, love LOVE the art. Dreamy and flowy (ok not a word but I’m not a writer).  My other complaint, (and this is quite silly) I was a kickstarter contributor but didn’t get my name in the credits although I filled out the survey on time. But accidents happen so its no biggy. But ever since I was a kid, my name somehow always accidently ends up getting dropped.  In anycase, love the comic, definitely recommend.  When I get the paper copies I will sit down and do a re-read review.


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