Cougars! Look and Learn

Dec 30, 2014 by

Cougars! Look and Learn

4 Stars, Borrow it

Wow! Two Look and Learns in one week. That really is amazing. It’s nice having a real vacation from work. I get to do what I want. Some reading, some sleeping, some messing around trying to get goodreads to import my data.


The pictures are somewhat pixelated but are otherwise decent. I’m giving this 4 stars, as the facts were pretty decent and there wasn’t any horrible glaring errors like some of the other versions of the look and learn. Worth a read, especially for kids who don’t already know most of the facts. But I did learn somethings so I’m giving this the highest rating that I will give these.


Did you know?


The cougar is known by many common names including: Puma, mountain lion, catamount, and panther.

Cougars weigh between 100-225 pounds

Cougars eat up to 10 pounds of meat per meal

Both the eastern cougar and Florida panther are critically endangered

Cougars are the second largest of the North American cats

Cougars remain with their mother until they are more than one year old

Cougars may live for 15-18 years in the wild

Cougars are the largest cats that purr


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