Alligators Look and Learn

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Alligators Look and Learn

2.5 Stars, don’t bother


So at this point with this series, I don’t really care about what order I’m reading them in so for the most part I’m going from what I’ve had on my kindle the longest.  I think I’ve done all the fuzzy and cute ones that I’ve had so I’m down to animals I don’t have a huge interest in and some non animal ones.. I’m also a bit bored with doing these so I doubt I’ll get any more. I’d like to review National Geographic kid books which I actually don’t mind paying for.


The pictures are small and hard to see and somewhat pixelated. I don’t like that there really isn’t an explanation on what makes alligators different than crocodiles.  Overall, I didn’t learn much about alligators that I didn’t already know and really found this one boring as hell. I’m sure there are much better books for kids to read on alligators than this.

Did you know?

There are two different species of alligator.

Alligators can weigh over 1000 pounds

Alligator eggs become male or female depending on the temperature

Alligators have a third eyelid.

Alligator can move much faster than a human can run

The average lifespan for alligators is 50 years


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