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My name is Cornelia, and I love to read. I’m married to a wonderful man named Jeff and have a 3 year old son named Owen. We have three cats. Itchy, Scratchy and Merlyn.

I do want to state, I tend to review with a lot of Spoilers, so please be aware.

9/15/13 I was made a Goodreads Librarian! Woot!!

9/27/13 So, you may or may not know about the Goodreads drama, but I’m going to be using Booklikes and Goodreads. Goodreads is censoring reviewers and it’s pretty outrageous. So that’s why I have links to both Booklikes and Goodreads.

I love Meerkats, so Merry Merkat was good, but I wanted to have a book term included.  (Never Mind MerryMeerkat.com was already registered) So after some googling, I found this term  Marginalia – Notes written in the margins of a page around the text.

Logo was done by Angela Melito.   I highly recommend her.

More to come when I have some more time.

Updated 09/27/13



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  1. Hi Cornelia,

    Do you write book reviews? Where can we find them?

    We note that you’ve posted ‘Paka Mdogo – Little Cat’ by H.S. Toshack as a ‘Want to Read’ book on Goodreads. However, we also see that you have an interest in meerkats, so wonder if you’d like to read (and review) HST’s ‘The Meerkat Wars’ instead. If so, we can send you a copy via our US distributor (sorry, that’s not possible for ‘Paka Mdogo’).


    Jan Gould for PakaMdogo Press


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