Bone Volume 7 Ghost Circles

Feb 26, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it   Just as good as the others. it’s amazing how consistent the writing and the art are.  Thorn is amazing and of course Fone bone is completely loveable. I do miss the Dragon who hasn’t been in this volume much.   I really can’t come up with much else to say other than what I’ve said in the previous reviews. If you haven’t read the series of graphic novels, you have no idea what you are missing. Summary from Publisher: A long dormant volcano explodes, freeing the ancient evil known only as the Locust, and filling the land with soot and ash. Alone and frightened, the Bone cousins, Thorn and feisty old Gran’ma Ben must fight the elements and the rat creatures as they struggle to reach the glorious city of...

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Bone Volume 6 Old Mans Cave

Feb 3, 2015 by

5 Stars, buy it.   Self Purchase, comixology, reread review.   Just as amazing and memorable as the previous volumes. I won’t go into details on the story line but by the end of the volume, everyone seems to be back together. This series is great for all ages.It’s full of fun, fantasy, adventure and humor. Highly recommend if you like young adult fantasy graphic novels....

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Astonishing X Men Volume 1

Jan 20, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it   Self Purchase, Comixology   SERIOUS SPOILERS I haven’t read all of the X-men or really any of the continuing, ongoing X-men series but I know enough about them to get by. I wasn’t sure where to start so I’m just jumping in reading what I remember my ex read.After reading about 4-5 issues of this, I realized I have read this before, but it was pre internet databases of book tracking. So I will shelve this as a re-read review.  But even as a re-read this is one amazing ass series. The lines are freaking awesome.  This was blow me away it was so good. Highly recommend.   I love the beginning, Kitty has some great lines, like “Sorry about the timing, did I miss the sorting hat?” Wolverine...

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Artesia Volume 1

Dec 29, 2014 by

5 Stars, Buy it   Self Purchase, re-read review   I originally read these when they first came out. I loved them then and recently repurchased in digital format and will now do re-read reviews of them.  I had thought I had bought these through Comixology but then I remembered, I got them through Drive thru comics (where I also get Girl Genius).   Wow, this is a reread and I’m still blown away completely by the art. A Freaking amazing. I especially love the combination of color pencils and watercolors. The writing is fantastic and already I remember how confusing this series gets. Which is why I’m going to try to plow through them all close together so maybe I can better  understand all of the politics.  Basically, Artesia is a female Captain...

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Bone, Volume 3

Dec 12, 2014 by

  5 Stars, Buy it. Self Purchase, Comixology, Reread review The writing and the art are consistent and amazingly good.  I love grandma, I love Thorn, I love Fone Bone. I even really like the Dragon.   I originally read this series years and years ago and even gave them to my nephews who absolutely adored them.  I still love them and have every intention of getting Owen to read them once he actually can read. In anycase, these books are awesome and for most ages. Young kids could get pretty scared by some of the darker stuff and wouldn’t understand some of the more complicated plot. Even if you think you don’t like graphic novels, seriously, give these a try. They are brilliant. Plot Summary:  Smiley and Phoney Bone are off with Lucious.  Grandma...

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The Complete Elf Quest Volume 1...

Nov 19, 2014 by

5 Stars, buy it   Self Purchase, Kindle   First Impression: Intense. I immediately am drawn in and like the characters. No wonder this is considered a classic. I do find the writing to be a bit over dramatic.  But I still really love the writing anyway. So glad this finally is making it to the Kindle. One concern (and really its minor) is that I felt like it should have been broken down into smaller chunks. This volume takes up a huge amount of space on my Kindle.  I also would have preferred to stop and start after a few issues but I was/am running out of room on the kindle and so needed to finish this to make more room. I also must admit I was so dying to finish this already...

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