Oh, Hell Volume 1: Chyrsalides

Jun 20, 2015 by

  4.5 Stars, Buy it   Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Physical paperback edition   First Impression:  Seems pretty awesome.   So a bunch of very troubled teenagers get sent off to boarding school which turns out to be in hell. The main character is a girl named Abigail- but goes by Zoel. I love her messy look and multiple hair colors. In between chapters there are pages that are done up like school papers and they describe all sorts of problems that Abigail has been getting into.  Zoel shares a room with two guys. Zipper I believe is the black guy and I’m not sure of other dudes name. Zoe’s enemy in school is Alese.   Chapter one is basically about how the kids all get to the school. Chapter two is where things start...

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Albert the Alien Volume 1: New in School...

Jun 15, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Paperback So I bought this volume (and some side stories which I previously reviewed) through Kickstarter. Which by the way is an awesome place to discover some new comics. Anyway, I liked the short stories enough that when Volume 2 was announced on kickstarter, I jumped on the bandwagon again.  But I did figure it was probably time to squeeze in the time to finally read volume 1. Which I really should have read first but anyway…. Albert is an alien from another planet. And he is joining this school where there are bullies. Before he even makes an apperaance Gerty, a young girl student is already sticking up for him. The bullies immediately try to bother Albert. Meanwhile, alien school supplies are causing problems. In chapter...

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Chirault Volume 1

May 13, 2015 by

  4 Stars, buy it   Self Purchase, Kickstarter   I definitely like the art.  I just wish it were in full color. There is only partial color. One color for one story line and another for the other. That’s pretty neat. The only issue I really have with the art is that in the smaller panels, it’s hard to see details. That might be because of the inking. I absolutely adore Teeko- she’s sweet and innocent and adorable. She looks like a human and a cat had a baby. Kiran is a demon hunter who also happens to be a demon. He’s a bit cranky at times but I still like him.   As I mentioned above, this is a kickstarter comic.  Also included in my package, I got a side short story...

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All-New X Men Volume 1

May 4, 2015 by

  3 Stars, borrow it   Self Purchase, Comixology   SPOILERS   At first I liked this, but by the end of the 3rd/4th issues, I got bored. I usually like Bendis writing but this just wasn’t interesting me. I read enough to give this a rating but I am abandoning this at 75% because life is too short for stuff you are not enjoying.  I did like that two of my favorite X-Men were in this- Hank (The Beast) and Kitty Pryde. Love them both.  I  also liked how there’s some great lines and good humor.   However, time travel stuff just confuses me so I tend not to read it (With the exception of Exiles which I loved.).  Anyway, this series has been cancelled anyway so maybe I’ll just go back to Astonishing...

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Amulet Vol 4 The Last Council

Apr 20, 2015 by

5 Stars, buy it Self Purchase, Kindle edition I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love everything that Kazu Kibuishi does, even when he’s just the editor (Flight and Explorer series).  This one has a bit of the Hunger Games to it (it’s a good thing, I loved the Hunger Games). I love all the animal characters ( I’m a huge animal fan so none of this should be a huge surprise), but I only like one (Emily) of the human characters, the rest I’m indifferent to. The mother of Emily is a bit pathetic but I can’t find it in myself to actively dislike her.   The colors and art both are very good and definitely don’t have any complaints that wise. The plot is good though I wish there were summaries...

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Bone Voume 8 Treasure Hunters

Apr 9, 2015 by

5 Stars, buy it Self purchase, comixology, reread review   Everybit as good as the other volumes. Fantastic, great for kids of all ages. I know all of my reread reviews on these are all the same but when a series is that great, you can’t help but repeat yourself with how awesome it is.  The art is fantastic and so is the writing. I Love Lucius and how cranky he is. Of course the bones are awesome. And the Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures are hilarious, but I love only Bartleby. I highly recommend this series to everyone. Summary (From Amazon): Tensions come to a head in the eighth epic volume of the BONE series. The Bone cousins, Gran’ma Ben, and Thorn finally reach the city of Atheia, where they reunite with old friends...

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