Jul 24, 2015 by

4.5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Paperback This is the story of Faye in the world of Amya. She is mute and accidently has a run in with a man who turns into a travelling companion of hers (I’m still a little confused as to how this really happened though I know I read it!). After some small adventures they end up in a town and end up killing a creature while at a hotel and there they meet another person, named Kaden, who becomes part of their group. Lots of stuff happens. More people are met, Faye gets left alone. More trouble happens. Faye gets briefly reunited with her family members. It appears, Faye’s cat, Rainn decides to come along on the journey. They all travel to Accel’s home and Faye is...

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Technically Magic #1

Jun 25, 2015 by

3.5 Stars, Borrow Self Purchase, Kickstarter, paperback Definitely like Zawa’s character. She and her instructor Skirnir, meet Kai and his Golem on the beach. They decide to allow Kai and the Golem to travel with them and so they make camp. Kai follows Zawa and Skirnir when they go off to deal with a problem which turns out to be zombies. And that’s about it. I really like the art, it’s especially nice. I love how it fills the pages and there is not any large borders which eat up the limited art space. The colors are fantastic, bright and bold and really grabbed my attention Ok, here is where I turn into a book nerd.  I LOVE the feel of the paper as I’m reading this. It’s awesome and pretty. However, I feel...

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Technically Magic #0

Jun 23, 2015 by

3.5 Stars, Borrow it   Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Physical copy   First Impression: Art is great, story is not so bad.   This is the story of Kai, who is living on a spaceship. Because this is a young adult comic, there are of course bullies and such. However, the crew of this ship is forced to abandonship, leaving Kai behind in a pod. There is a section of tribal people on a planet and I found that part a bit confusing.  Kai lands on this planet called Urth and there it ends with the tribal people finding him on a beach.   I really like the art, but feel like the story line could be improved a bit. I found parts to be disjointed and not making sense. But this is issue #0...

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Oh, Hell Volume 1: Chyrsalides

Jun 20, 2015 by

  4.5 Stars, Buy it   Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Physical paperback edition   First Impression:  Seems pretty awesome.   So a bunch of very troubled teenagers get sent off to boarding school which turns out to be in hell. The main character is a girl named Abigail- but goes by Zoel. I love her messy look and multiple hair colors. In between chapters there are pages that are done up like school papers and they describe all sorts of problems that Abigail has been getting into.  Zoel shares a room with two guys. Zipper I believe is the black guy and I’m not sure of other dudes name. Zoe’s enemy in school is Alese.   Chapter one is basically about how the kids all get to the school. Chapter two is where things start...

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Chirault Volume 1

May 13, 2015 by

  4 Stars, buy it   Self Purchase, Kickstarter   I definitely like the art.  I just wish it were in full color. There is only partial color. One color for one story line and another for the other. That’s pretty neat. The only issue I really have with the art is that in the smaller panels, it’s hard to see details. That might be because of the inking. I absolutely adore Teeko- she’s sweet and innocent and adorable. She looks like a human and a cat had a baby. Kiran is a demon hunter who also happens to be a demon. He’s a bit cranky at times but I still like him.   As I mentioned above, this is a kickstarter comic.  Also included in my package, I got a side short story...

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Albert the Alien Uses the Hallpass...

Jan 12, 2015 by

4 Stars, borrow/buy Self purchase, paper, via kickstarter First Impression:  Seems as cute as the other individual issue that I’ve read. Albert the Alien has to use the bathroom and is given a mask to use as a hallway pass. Then the school bully meets up with him. Albert is forced to help the bully get back to class without being spotted. Alberts friend comes to the rescue and we learn that Albert has to plug in to pee. And there it ends.  Like Albert the ALien goes to the movies, its very short. But there are extras in the back including space to draw a friend for Albert, a word find, secret message puzzle and maze. None of which I’m working on now but maybe in the future. The art is really nice...

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