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4.5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Paperback This is the story of Faye in the world of Amya. She is mute and accidently has a run in with a man who turns into a travelling companion of hers (I’m still a little confused as to how this really happened though I know I read it!). After some small adventures they end up in a town and end up killing a creature while at a hotel and there they meet another person, named Kaden, who becomes part of their group. Lots of stuff happens. More people are met, Faye gets left alone. More trouble happens. Faye gets briefly reunited with her family members. It appears, Faye’s cat, Rainn decides to come along on the journey. They all travel to Accel’s home and Faye is...

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3 Stars, Borrow.   Netgalley review,.   First Impression: Yeay! Manga where the girls aren’t portrayed as total bimbos.   Ugh. A mess of a book. I wanted to like this a lot. I really liked the character Sorako. However, the book was sort of chopped up with stories about other people and I couldn’t figure out how they related to her. I didn’t quite finish, but I read 75% and feel like I can definitely give a fair rating on that. I also really liked the art. So this book had lots of potential but seriously the other stories thrown in amongst the other stories of Sorako confused me. Disapointed....

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Millenium Snow VOl 1

Sep 17, 2014 by

4 Stars, Borrow or Buy   Self purchase for kindle.   I had a hard time trying to decide if this should be in borrow or buy category so I just went with both. Art is really nice but the stories were a bit confusing but I enjoyed them anyway.   Sometimes I think all Manga writers/artists have ADD. I say this because they always seem to be super fast moving and erratic and all over the place.  This is the story of a girl who has heart problems. She meets a vampire and he helps prolonge her life by drinking her blood. Toya is a very rude vampire who keeps calling the girl ugly and stupid. She is a bit insipid but somehow I’m liking this anyway. The talking bat is pretty funny...

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Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3: Steam Minted Meringue...

Sep 10, 2014 by

Overall 4.5 Stars Star Rating Art:  5 Stars Star Rating Story:4 Stars   Kickstarter, digital copy (print copy coming later) Absolutely beautiful comic. The art is just stunning. However I have a few minor complaints. The biggest one being I’m really bloody confused as to what is going on.  I find it hard to follow. I know from descriptions that the main character is being haunted so I can only assume she is having these weird hallucinations?!   Not sure, but I do love, love, love LOVE the art. Dreamy and flowy (ok not a word but I’m not a writer).  My other complaint, (and this is quite silly) I was a kickstarter contributor but didn’t get my name in the credits although I filled out the survey on time. But accidents happen so its...

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Recipies for the Dead Issue #2

Aug 29, 2014 by

4.5 Stars, buy it Kickstarter, Digital Copy (read on iphone) Love the art. I believe this is considered Manga but not sure. Anyway,  Love the main character whose name which is Twist. She is sweet and young and innocent. In some places, the font/type is hard to read but in others its fine. SPOILERS A basic summary is this: In the first issue, Twist manages to steal a magical cookbook.  In this second volume, Twist bakes some cookies to impress a boy.  Just as they kiss, a mysterious, bad person arrives and then the issue is over. My only complaint is that the single issues are so short so I just get back into it when it’s over. Highly recommend this series.  At least I know there is one more issue coming and hopefully...

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Recipes for the Dead Issue 1

Aug 28, 2014 by

Overall: 4.5 Stars, buy it Star Rating Art:  5 Stars Star Rating Story: 4 Stars   Digital version of kickstarter project. Will eventually get print copy as well.   My favorite thing about the comic is the art. The art just blew me away.  The story is good and cute and promising. This is only issue one. I have issue two already and issue 3 is what is going to come out of the kickstarter.  I saw somewhere someone referring to this as Manga. I supposed it is, but since I’m not heavily familiar with Manga I wouldn’t be able to say for sure.  Veronica is the main character who decides to steal a magical cookbook and her life is changed. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes and I really hope there...

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