The Wicked + The Divine #7

May 27, 2015 by

2  Stars, don’t bother Self purchase, Comixology I don’t know if it’s because of the mood I’m in (Not good) but this issue was a WTF.  I realize my depression and anxiety could be seriously affecting my judgement on this but I had no idea what was happening in this issue. I tried reading the description to see if it explained much but honestly it didn’t help. Description (Comixology):Last year, before The Recurrence, fans gathered from their lonely worlds at RAGNAROCK to wonder whether the gods were really about to return or not. Now, as the next RAGNAROCK approaches, everyone knows things are different. What’s more, there are two gods still to emerge. Will anyone there get “lucky?” Look at us whistle, shuffle feet, and avoid eye contact....

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Batman Volume 4

Feb 12, 2015 by

  2 Stars/ Abandoned, don’t bother   Bruce Wayne is dead. Now he returns, secretly. His uncle (I thinik) is in charge of Wayne Industries. I found the second issue in the volume confusing but  Bruce Wayne is sort of forced into the public eye again.  The red capped guys or gang or whatever they are called are kind of creepy. Ughh. This was pretty bad. Of all superheros, Batman is one of my favorites. But the Bruce Wayne in this volume was a spoilt brat. I didn’t like Alfred much in this either and normally I like Alfred. I didn’t find the writing to be all that great either which was a disapointment. In any case, on to something else....

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Golden Son

Jan 30, 2015 by

  Star Rating:  2 Stars, don’t bother Self Purchase, Kindle Edition   At 40% in I am not feeling the love. Partly could be user error in that I don’t remember the characters well. I think there is too much going on and honestly can’t tell where the hell this is going. It’s irritating the hell out of me. I still like Darrow but I’m really frustrated with this. I think it’s a bit too abstract and the author was trying to hard. I hate to do this but its going to be a DNF for me....

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Sharks! Look and Learn

Oct 8, 2014 by

2 Stars, Don’t Bother Some pictures are pixilated. Sigh. Another one of these supposed kid books that shows a recently killed animal with blood. REALLY?? When I read about animals, I really have no desire to see them butchered. The book is very generalized which I suppose is why there are more specific shark books in the series. Did You know? Many people believe that sharks only live in oceans, but they can also live in rivers Sharks have been around for 400 million years Sharks can hear sounds more than 700 feet away Most sharks have at least four rows of teeth The most dangerous sharks are the great white sharks Almost all sharks are carnivores...

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Oct 1, 2014 by

2 Stars, don’t bother Self Purchase for Kindle. First Impression: Unremarkable I hate it when books in series don’t take time to reintroduce the characters to you. I waited a long time between the first and second book and couldn’t remember everyone. This book just drops you back in and I found that annoying. I liked the first one in the series ok,   3.5 Stars but boy this one just was bad. You are dropped right back in with no reintroduction and there isn’t much description of anything. I found this insipid and lame. Ugh, its a DNF but I read 25% so I felt it fair to give it a rating. I am NOT going to read the third one in the series. This series doesn’t even come close to The Hunger Games...

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The Moon! Look and Learn

Sep 6, 2014 by

2 Stars, Don’t Bother And now for something totally different… A Look and Learn that is not about an animal. I’m slowly running out of the animal ones but I do have a few non animal ones that looked a little interesting. Oy. These are meant for kids? Then don’t talk about the diameter and density of earth and how it relates to mass. Good grief people. Pictures better than some of previous ones, but one image was exceptionally bad.  The facts in this book were pretty darned boring and they made me less interested in learning about the moon. Yeah, that is never a good thing in a book. There is no way this book would lead to kids wanting to learn more as the terminology was really hard (for kids that is)....

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