Lumberjanes #17

Sep 1, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology Jo and Barney save the day despite Jo’s attitude toward him. Rosie tries to get Abigail to come back to the camp with her but Abigail turns her down. I definitely liked the issue but it wasn’t as fantastic as the last issue. It’s definitely fun and silly and worth buying. Description (Comixology): With the Lumberjanes in danger, Jen must find a way to escape Abigail’s grasp and get to her troop in time! Meanwhile, Rosie and the Bear Woman must find the source of the Grootslang’s wrath, before it’s too late for everyone!...

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Mage Inc. #1

Jul 16, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology I picked this up because I saw the 2nd issue in the new releases and thought it looked like it might be up my alley.  Keira is a young woman with pink hair who has just started her internship at Mage Inc. Albert Lamus is her boss and isn’t exactly thrilled to be there. (I’m impressed they have an African American Mage actually!) Albert has to go around collecting dues from Mages.  I like they have definitions of magical terms- though not really sure if they are made up or not. Anyway, I really enjoyed this. I think the art is all computer generated (not a bad thing really) but I do tend to like hand drawn work better. The art is very good despite being computer...

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Gotham Academy #8

Jul 8, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology LOVE the cover of this issue. Purple is awesome. Anyway, I really could have used a recap on this issue, I couldn’t remember who died so I was pretty confused at first. One of the kids is able turn into some kind of bat like creature.  Olive is mad at Kyle and is hurting from the loss. Mia and Kyle confront Tristan who runs off. Stuff happens, Olive confesses to Kyle that she’s behind some of the stuff happening at the school. Anyway, we find out at the end who died and it turns out I didn’t miss anything. Olive’s mom had died and sent her a letter. Still loving the coloring and art.. Still love Mia (Maps) character, she is too cute and awesome.  Anyway, over...

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The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #5...

Jul 6, 2015 by

4 Stars, buy it   Self Purchase, Comixology   Councillor Sandorst places Gharta and Affa under arrest.  Goodfoot is still plotting with the Bison. Meanwhile, the Champion is working on some secret stuff. Dusty seems to be the narrator most of the time and I like him a lot. Overall this is a decent issue but not as exciting as some of the previous ones.  The Owl (Councillor Sandorst) seriously makes me mad. But every comic needs a bad guy. But the anxiety he provokes! Anyway still a great series and I still recommend buying it.   Description (Comixology): The conspirators make their move, but the Champion has a few surprises for them....

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Wytches #1

Jul 2, 2015 by

  4 Stars, Borrow it Self Purchase, Humble Bundle A teenager (Sail?) and her parents move to a new town. (Mom in a wheelchair by the way). In the previous town a girl who bullied Sail disappeared and Sail is apparantly blamed.  In this first issue it’s getting to know everyone. The art is fantastic, I’m definitely loving the colors. I like the story line so far, its creepy and I’m not sure where it’s going to go.  I think I may try a few more issues on comixology to see if it continues to be good. Description (Booklikes): Across the globe, century after century, men and women were burned, drowned, hanged, tortured, imprisoned, persecuted, and murdered for witchcraft. None of them were witches. They died protecting a terrible and hidden truth: witches, real...

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Oddly Normal #8

Jul 1, 2015 by

4 stars, buy it Self Purchase, Comixology First Impression: Loving the art still. Oddly visits a mad scientist’s house and meets his sons whom she becomes friends with. It was recently her birthday and she mentions it and the guys are going to help her get a birthday present and there the issue ends. At first, I thought I’d only rate this issue 3 or 3.5 but I decided to bump it up to 4 because I like that this story arc seems to be continuing.  Love the art, story wasn’t bad so 4 stars it is. Description (Comixology): Oddly visits the secret lair of a mad scientist (and son)....

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