Gunnerkrigg Court #5

Sep 17, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it   Self Purchase, Hardback edition   Yeay! In the first chapter, Kat agrees to go on a date with a girl. WHOO HOO!!  The rest of the chapter I found a little confusing. But after I read it a few times I finally figured out what was going on. In the second part, Reynard is up to no go with someone named Hetty. In part 3 or chapter 44- Annie talks with Ysengrim and they go to some ruins. At this point I stopped taking notes and reading this dragged out to a few weeks so I can’t remember everything that happened.   I was afraid that this volume wouldn’t be as good as the previous volumes, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m ecstatic that Kat’s character is finally going...

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Aug 27, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Kindle Edition Hey Look, I’m alive. And back at work. Yeay for antibiotics! Nimona is a shapeshifter who becomes a sidekick to a villain named Ballistar Blackheart.  This is the story of their adventures. The story is hilarious and well written. At first I was a bit put off by the art, but then it started to grow on me as I read more.  Nimona’s character is awesome and spunky. Ballistar Blackheart is a villain who really isn’t a villain. I particularly love when they rob the bank and then play “world domination” or monopoly.I love how Blackheart was apparantly in a relationship with another man. This was one seriously awesome graphic novel. I recommend it to anyone. It’s funny and sad and overall just terrific. I was...

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Rat Queens #11

Aug 20, 2015 by

5 Stars, BUY IT!!!!! Self Purchase, Comixology Ha! I finally have time to read a single issue comic during my lunch break. The girls are being held prisoner by goblins. Betty of course gets them out. She is so adorable and so freaking funny. Hannah’s father (I think it’s Hannah so bad with names) is causing problems so off the girls go. I FUCKING LOVE THIS COMIC. If you aren’t reading it, what the hell is wrong? This is my favorite comic out right now, maybe even better than Saga.  I love the cussing and that the girls are not stupid wall flowers. OMG can’t get enough of Betty. And this issue is left on a cliff hanger damn it!!! Why can’t this comic come out more often. So consistently awesome. Quotes: “ Getting...

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Lazarus #18

Jul 30, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology A doctor has been brought in to the Carysle compound to help the sick/dying head of the family. Meanwhile, Forever is getting some military action in. I absolutely love Forever’s character. She’s loveable yet sexy and intense. Not much seems to happen, just political stuff and military action. but then HOLY SHIT the end.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!   SPOILER.  Forever is shot and it looks like in the head.  Boy is it going to be a wait for the next issue.  Love this series. Not meant for younger readers as it can be very graphic and gory. But I seriously love this series.  I was going to only rate this issue 4 stars, until the end. Now I have to rate it 5. Can’t wait for next issue!!! Description (Comixology):...

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Jem & The Holograms #5

Jul 29, 2015 by

  5  Stars, buy it   Self Purchase, Comixology   I recently read someone else’s review of the first Jem and Holograms issue. I was sad that the person didn’t like it,  as I totally love the series. I always question my own judgement when someone else doesn’t like something I love. I do have to agree that Jerrica is a little pathetic but I was a child in the 80’s so Jem was a big thing for my sister and I. I think my favorite characters are Kimber and Jem. Anyway,  Jem and everyone else is on stage performing and the lighting starts to fall on them. Aja pushes Jem out of the way and is injured. The Misfits are furious because of all the attention Jem is getting.   Again, I LOVE...

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Gone with the Wind

Jul 21, 2015 by

5 Stars. Buy it   Spoilers   This was definitely a favorite while I was growing up and helped me really like long novels. One thing I’m noticing is that despite being quite a bit older since I’ve last read this, is that it’s still really hard to understand when the slaves are talking.   DAMN it. My heart broke all over again. It’s just not fair that Scarlett basically loses everything she has just as she realizes what she had.  I’m finally going to have to finally read the follow up, though I know it is not written by Mitchell. Because I can’t be left hanging like this. OMG.   The book is beautifully done, but there are definitely some slow spots- not at the end though.  I love the scene when Scarlett...

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