Assasin’s Apprentice

Sep 9, 2015 by

4.5 Stars, Buy it I won this paperback via goodreads. This book really pulls you in and keeps you there.  This is the story of Fitz, a prince’s bastard child. Fitz is basically raised by the Prince’s stable person (Burrich). And while at first you don’t really like Burrich, toward the end of the book things happen that make you really happy that he turns out to be a great person.  Fitz is being raised to be an Assassin’s apprentice and this book marks the first part of his life. (I’m hoping the second and third in this trilogy continue Fitz’s story). Fitz of course has ups and downs, but fortunately, most of the plot does not prove to be anxiety provoking for me.  My favorite thing about Fitz is his love of animals...

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Jem and the Holograms #6

Sep 8, 2015 by

3.5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology Jem and the holograms are disqualified from the competition due to the food fight. The misfits are not which seems like total bs. The misfits are furious with Clash for possibly almost killing Jem. Kimber is told in no uncertain terms could should date a member of Jem and the holograms. Rio is giving Jerrica a hard time about Jem not being around. Kimber is being questioned by the holograms about her secretly dating Stormer. While the Misfits are performing Jem ends up performing though it’s a little unclear how. And that is how the issue ends. The art continues to be fantastic and unfortunately Sophie Campbell is leaving for 4 months or so. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the art is going to suck after this.  This...

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Lazarus #19

Sep 3, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology SPOILERS Forever appears to be dead. And of course then she isn’t. (I don’t see how the comic would be able to go on without her really so I’m not terribly surprised). But this issue mainly deals with Forever, with a little of other side stories going on.  This is a good issue but not as crazy good as the previous issue but definitely still worth having. Description: “POISON,” Part Three.  One bullet makes all the difference....

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Mage, Inc. #3

Sep 2, 2015 by

4 Stars, buy it Self Purchase, Comixology Kiera and Albert have to break into someone’s house. Things do not go according to plan. Albert is about to get chewed out and Kiera stumbles across something and then the issue ends kind of abruptly.  I really like this series. It’s funny, cute and all around a good time. However, the issues seem particularly short, shorter than most individual comics. A bit of a downer because I’ll just be getting back into the series and bamn it’s over. Sigh. Also, this is being read on Comixology and for some reason you can’t subscribe to this series. So I only accidently found out there was a third issue.  I definitely recommend the series, especially if you are into young adult graphic novels, fantasy graphic novels. Description: (Comixology)The...

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Lumberjanes #17

Sep 1, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology Jo and Barney save the day despite Jo’s attitude toward him. Rosie tries to get Abigail to come back to the camp with her but Abigail turns her down. I definitely liked the issue but it wasn’t as fantastic as the last issue. It’s definitely fun and silly and worth buying. Description (Comixology): With the Lumberjanes in danger, Jen must find a way to escape Abigail’s grasp and get to her troop in time! Meanwhile, Rosie and the Bear Woman must find the source of the Grootslang’s wrath, before it’s too late for everyone!...

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Aug 27, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Kindle Edition Hey Look, I’m alive. And back at work. Yeay for antibiotics! Nimona is a shapeshifter who becomes a sidekick to a villain named Ballistar Blackheart.  This is the story of their adventures. The story is hilarious and well written. At first I was a bit put off by the art, but then it started to grow on me as I read more.  Nimona’s character is awesome and spunky. Ballistar Blackheart is a villain who really isn’t a villain. I particularly love when they rob the bank and then play “world domination” or monopoly.I love how Blackheart was apparantly in a relationship with another man. This was one seriously awesome graphic novel. I recommend it to anyone. It’s funny and sad and overall just terrific. I was...

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