Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai

Jun 3, 2015 by

Overall: 2.5 stars, don’t bother   Story: 2 Stars Art: 3 Stars   Self Purchase, Humble Bundle.   First Impression: like the art well enough   Very simplistic story line . Expected more from this. I know this is meant for kids but I like kids stuff and just don’t think this is all that great. It didn’t need to be this simplistic for kids.Dialogue was unexciting and everything was pretty predictible.   Also it was really short. The art was better than the story but not by much. I don’t think I’ll read more of these unless they are included in an awesome Humble Bundle again.   Description (Comixology): Yokai are the monsters, demons, and spirits of Japanese folklore, such as the shape-changing kitsune, the obakeneko demon cats, and the evil oni ogres. Usagi...

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The Wicked + The Divine #7

May 27, 2015 by

2  Stars, don’t bother Self purchase, Comixology I don’t know if it’s because of the mood I’m in (Not good) but this issue was a WTF.  I realize my depression and anxiety could be seriously affecting my judgement on this but I had no idea what was happening in this issue. I tried reading the description to see if it explained much but honestly it didn’t help. Description (Comixology):Last year, before The Recurrence, fans gathered from their lonely worlds at RAGNAROCK to wonder whether the gods were really about to return or not. Now, as the next RAGNAROCK approaches, everyone knows things are different. What’s more, there are two gods still to emerge. Will anyone there get “lucky?” Look at us whistle, shuffle feet, and avoid eye contact....

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Going Rogue

Feb 18, 2015 by

2.5 Stars, don’t bother   Don’t know much about the xmen on Rogues team in this xmen universe. Rogue goes back to her home town to help contain a new mutant. She ends up learning more about her past. I”m not sure what to make of this. I kinda sorta like it but I’m not terribly impressed either. Somewhat interested but really don’t feel like finishing it....

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Batman Volume 4

Feb 12, 2015 by

  2 Stars/ Abandoned, don’t bother   Bruce Wayne is dead. Now he returns, secretly. His uncle (I thinik) is in charge of Wayne Industries. I found the second issue in the volume confusing but  Bruce Wayne is sort of forced into the public eye again.  The red capped guys or gang or whatever they are called are kind of creepy. Ughh. This was pretty bad. Of all superheros, Batman is one of my favorites. But the Bruce Wayne in this volume was a spoilt brat. I didn’t like Alfred much in this either and normally I like Alfred. I didn’t find the writing to be all that great either which was a disapointment. In any case, on to something else....

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Alligators Look and Learn

Feb 3, 2015 by

2.5 Stars, don’t bother   So at this point with this series, I don’t really care about what order I’m reading them in so for the most part I’m going from what I’ve had on my kindle the longest.  I think I’ve done all the fuzzy and cute ones that I’ve had so I’m down to animals I don’t have a huge interest in and some non animal ones.. I’m also a bit bored with doing these so I doubt I’ll get any more. I’d like to review National Geographic kid books which I actually don’t mind paying for.   The pictures are small and hard to see and somewhat pixelated. I don’t like that there really isn’t an explanation on what makes alligators different than crocodiles.  Overall, I didn’t learn much about alligators...

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Golden Son

Jan 30, 2015 by

  Star Rating:  2 Stars, don’t bother Self Purchase, Kindle Edition   At 40% in I am not feeling the love. Partly could be user error in that I don’t remember the characters well. I think there is too much going on and honestly can’t tell where the hell this is going. It’s irritating the hell out of me. I still like Darrow but I’m really frustrated with this. I think it’s a bit too abstract and the author was trying to hard. I hate to do this but its going to be a DNF for me....

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