Lazarus #19

Sep 3, 2015 by

4 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology SPOILERS Forever appears to be dead. And of course then she isn’t. (I don’t see how the comic would be able to go on without her really so I’m not terribly surprised). But this issue mainly deals with Forever, with a little of other side stories going on.  This is a good issue but not as crazy good as the previous issue but definitely still worth having. Description: “POISON,” Part Three.  One bullet makes all the difference....

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The Mime Order

Dec 9, 2014 by

Star Rating:4.5 Stars, buy it   Netgalley review, although I have pre-ordered this.   Oh so deliciously good.   SPOILERS. It takes way too long for Warden to come back into the picture but eventually he does. I do find all of the different types of specialties of supernatural people to be a bit confusing. I wonder if its because maybe of British terminology? I don’t know.  Paige is entering the competition to be the Underqueen. I so did not see that coming!!! You can take a guess as to whether she wins it or not.  Overall a very good second book, but I enjoyed the first one more. I will definitely continue to read the series.  I totally want to see what happend ne and it will probably be a long wait....

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Lazarus Volume 2

Aug 11, 2014 by

4.5 Stars, Buy it   Netgalley review. First Impression:  Story seems as intense and as interesting as the first volume. Dystopia society with a focus on the major family. Art/Colors: I’m still not a huge fan of the art, too dark and inky but it’s growing on me. I love Forever, she’s a facinating character. She does the dirty/grunge work for her father who runs the family.  The family learns of a plot to set a bomb off during the lift, which is when serifs get raised to higher rank. A family in the lower classes is also being followed and in this volume they are trying to get some family members lifted.  Very facinating. I love dystopia stuff so this is right up my ally. While I’m not a huge fan of the...

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Red Rising

Mar 12, 2014 by

4 Stars Self purchase for Kindle. What an emotional rollercoaster!! This is a very good book.  Highly original dystopia book set on Mars. It definitely has parts where it feels like the Hunger Games, only this author doesn’t gloss over the violent parts. This book is more raw, hiding nothing. The Hunger Games was more gentle.  The beginning of the book is highly emotionally charged though it becomes less so as the book goes on.  My main complaint of the book is that despite it being only 300 some pages long, the entire fighting saga/school competition (which is like a death version of capture the flag) goes on for way too long. Seriously, it got seriously irritating.  Overall, it’s a great book. But honestly, I liked theBone Season (by different author) better.  If you...

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The Mark of the Dragonfly

Feb 3, 2014 by

Star Rating: 3 ½ Stars Netgalley review. First Impression:  I’m impressed, just jumps right into the action. I like that. With netgalley, I don’t have good luck picking out books to read. I get good luck with the graphic novels. But this one is impressing me.   I have to say that this book is really hard to categorize.  It’s a little YA. A little Dystopia, a little Fantasy and a smidgeon of steampunk.   Oh and maybe a little sci-fi. The premise is that in this dystopia type world, meteors strike the planet and everyone has to take cover. When you are allowed out, the people go running and search for treasures from other worlds (example being a Wizard of Oz Book). The people sell the treasures to make money for food etc. While it...

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