Golden Son

Jan 30, 2015 by

  Star Rating:  2 Stars, don’t bother Self Purchase, Kindle Edition   At 40% in I am not feeling the love. Partly could be user error in that I don’t remember the characters well. I think there is too much going on and honestly can’t tell where the hell this is going. It’s irritating the hell out of me. I still like Darrow but I’m really frustrated with this. I think it’s a bit too abstract and the author was trying to hard. I hate to do this but its going to be a DNF for me....

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Red Rising

Mar 12, 2014 by

4 Stars Self purchase for Kindle. What an emotional rollercoaster!! This is a very good book.  Highly original dystopia book set on Mars. It definitely has parts where it feels like the Hunger Games, only this author doesn’t gloss over the violent parts. This book is more raw, hiding nothing. The Hunger Games was more gentle.  The beginning of the book is highly emotionally charged though it becomes less so as the book goes on.  My main complaint of the book is that despite it being only 300 some pages long, the entire fighting saga/school competition (which is like a death version of capture the flag) goes on for way too long. Seriously, it got seriously irritating.  Overall, it’s a great book. But honestly, I liked theBone Season (by different author) better.  If you...

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