Gotham Academy #10

Sep 15, 2015 by

SPOLIERs   4 Stars, Buy it   Self Purchase, Comixology   Olive and some other kids join the school play to investigate the school ghost, who might be Olive’s mother.  Maps feels left out when she discovers Olive didn’t tell her she thought the ghost was Olive’s mother. Olive is attacked while on stage.  Turns out Katherine, roommate of one of the girls, is the one who has caused all the problems with the school play. Then Katherine turns out to be part of Clayface (yes, from Batman). It has a twist at the ending which I won’t give away but of course it makes one want to read the next issue now.   Still totally adore Maps. Still really like Olive. Still really like the series. This was  a good to – very...

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Jem and the Holograms #6

Sep 8, 2015 by

3.5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology Jem and the holograms are disqualified from the competition due to the food fight. The misfits are not which seems like total bs. The misfits are furious with Clash for possibly almost killing Jem. Kimber is told in no uncertain terms could should date a member of Jem and the holograms. Rio is giving Jerrica a hard time about Jem not being around. Kimber is being questioned by the holograms about her secretly dating Stormer. While the Misfits are performing Jem ends up performing though it’s a little unclear how. And that is how the issue ends. The art continues to be fantastic and unfortunately Sophie Campbell is leaving for 4 months or so. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the art is going to suck after this.  This...

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Lumberjanes #15

Jun 18, 2015 by

5 Stars, Buy it Self Purchase, Comixology Jen is still stuck in Abigail’s cabin while the girls are out in the freak snowstorm looking for her. Barney builds an amazing shelter while everyone is looking for Jen. Rosie appears on Abigail’s door step and there is a reunion of sorts- they had some form of relationship that is hinted at.. Meanwhile the girls are attacked by another monster (of course). Rosie discovers what Abigail has been doing all these years. This was a super awesome issue. It was lots of fun, has danger and just about everyone is in this issue. And of course it’s left on a hell of a cliff hanger so I’ll be dying for the next issue.I definitely recommend this issue. Definitely a favorite issue of the month!  If you...

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Feathers #6

Jun 8, 2015 by

4 Stars, buy it   Self Purchase, Comixology   Poe’s father and Bianca meet up. Meanwhile, Poe is being held captive.  Poe discovers who the mysterious person is. Bianca and Poe’s father manage to find Poe though it’s sort of unclear how they do this. Of course the mysterious person has taken all of Poe’s feathers by this time. POe is rescued and then shoves himself down this hole with the mysterious person. Bianca fears he’s dead but he comes flying back in the window with the feathers back on him. While I liked this issue well enough, it definitely wasn’t as good as the others in the series. I felt like things were left unexplained and that it was rather anti climatic.  I really felt like this could have been an ongoing series...

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Courtney Crumrin Vol 7 Tales of a Warlock...

Mar 30, 2015 by

  I’m back! And here is a short review for you. 2.5 Stars, don’t bother The book is physically beautiful as the first 6 volumes. Unfortunately thats about all I can say thats good about it. This volume had two stories in it. The first one is about Courtney’s uncle when he was younger. While interesting, I really missed Courtney being in it and it wasn’t as great of a storyline. The second story wasn’t any better and made me miss Courtney’s character even more.  Even if you loved the other volumes in the series, I wouldn’t recommend this one. I was very disappointed....

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